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Growth Record #3

HD 16:9


spoken | English subtitles


Growth Record is a yearly conceptual series, steadfastly documenting the growth of a baby towards adulthood through photography and video.

In episode #1 Spilliaert unfolds a voiceover the reasons for starting this project. She bluntly explains being intimate with a Japanese man who became a father about nine months later. Spilliaert imagines she herself could have easily gotten pregnant and thus becoming the mother.


This project seemingly attempts to portray a newborn being as well as the artist herself – whose own aging process is indirectly a subject. We’re made privy to the space Spilliaert occupies in the life of the young child, behaving at once as intruder and observer. Disregarding her personal involvement, she acts as if she’s carrying out a professional assignment. By displaying photography as a rigid ritual, the autobiographical aspects of the piece are surpassed.

The latest episode #5 is made at the occasion of Lisa Spilliaert's solo exhibition at De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam in 2022.

The film was screened or exhibited at:


  • Be-Part Waregem (BE) 2014

  • Beursschouwburg, Brussels (BE) 2015

  • Het Bos, Antwerp (BE) 2016

  • LLS 387, Antwerp (BE) 2016

  • National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka (JP) 2016

  • Beursschouwburg, Brussels (BE) 2017

  • Derde Triënnale Hedendaagse Kunst van Psychiatrische Ziekenhuis Duffel, Duffel (BE) 2018

  • De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL) 2022



  • Growth Record #1 (2014-15, film, colour, stereo, 9x16, 8'45")

  • Growth Record #2 (2015-16, film, colour, stereo, 9x16, 9'25")

  • Growth Record #3 (2016, film, colour, stereo, 9x16, 6'30")

  • Growth Record #4 (2017, film, colour, stereo, 9x16, 9'9")

  • Growth Record #5 (2022, film, colour, stereo, 9x16, 9'14")

Camera: Liam Singelyn (#1, #2), Chloë Delanghe (#3), Yushi Yanohara (#4), Hiroshi Ashikaga (#5), Clara Spilliaert (#5)

Editing: Elias Heuninck (#1, #2, #3), Inneke van Waeyenberghe (#4, #5)

Sound Mix: Laszlo Umbreit (#2, #4), Yoerik Roevens (#3), Laurent Martin (#5)

Color Grading: Loup Brenta (#1-#4), Lucien Keller (#5)

Subs JP-EN: Emi Kodama

Subs NL-EN: Stijn Schiffeleers (#2)

Copy Editing Monologue NL: Ilse Carbonez (#1)

Titels: Mario Debaene

  • Produced by / with the support of:
    VAF, Provincie West-Vlaanderen, Be-Part, Escautville, LLS387, Beursschouwburg, Pola Art Foundation, Brakke Grond and Nomura Foundation

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