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3-channel video installation

HDV 16:9


Dutch, English spoken | English subtitles

27' 00"


Night Fever is a portrait of a character with an anxiety disorder. The installation is inspired by the story The Cave by Franz Kafka. It's depicting a secluded man. Locked up in his own world, he cultivates his fear. Leaving his apartment he tentatively reaches out for help. Sound, image, editing and presentation are constructed to enhance the identification of the audience with the disturbing experience of the protagonist, to literally get inside his head.


The film installation Night Fever causes, due to or despite the relative simplicity of the arrangement, for maximum intrusiveness: a tunnel with a bench in the middle and projected images on both the transparent side walls and the ceiling. The main character in Night Fever is a man with a panic disorder. Fear reigns in in the nightly environment. The main character is, in the middle of the night, plagued by the idea that he got a heart attack. His psychotic thoughts drive him to flee, an attempt to escape the oppressive unrest in his apartment, in search of redemption in the dark streets of the metropolis. But he does not manage to escape from the raging fears in his head.


As a viewer, you can totally immerse yourself in the film installation by standing or sitting in the middle of the tunnel, but there is also an opportunity to keep some distance and walk around the projection walls. The soundtrack that supports the inner monologue intensifies the experience.


Ultimately, this is about the most existential feeling: the fear of death. In a broader context, the installation symbolizes the increasingly dominant role that fear seems to play in our current world. Fear conducts the economic and financial system while threats of illness, misery, war, terrorism or natural disasters are relentlessly released on us through various media channels.




  • Producer: Bart Van Langendonck

  • In collaboration with: Netwerk, Aalst and M HKA, Antwerp

  • With the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)


  • Actors: Juda Goslinga, Stefaan Degand

  • Cinematography: Jo Vermaercke

  • Music composer: Johan De Smet

  • Sound: André Philips

  • Editing: Frank Theys

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