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EXHIBITION | Outdoor Hiking... |Group show with a.o. Ria Pacquée| 26 JUN. 2021 - 3 OCT. 2021

Den Brandt, Middelheim and Vogelenzang (BE)

The walking exhibition Outdoor Hiking with Sound & other Fireworks guides you through three adjacent parks in Antwerp; Den Brandt, Middelheim and Vogelenzang.

There’s nothing to see. More than 30 artists are invited to create an experimental audio work that may or may not react to the relationship between artistic creation and nature, sound and historical environment.

Curators Glenn Geerinck and Josine De Roover invited visual artists, writers and/or musicians to present a new auditive work within their own boundless and undefined artistic practice.

A musical or narrative soundscape, an experimental piece of music or sound work, or a walking performance between point A and point B are your guides during this walking exhibition with the natural landscape as their stage or museum hall.

As a visitor you walk a self-chosen or mapped out route, armed with your smartphone and head/earphones. Via QR codes or other instructions you can activate the various soundworks.

STARTING POINT Beukenlaan 12 B—2610 Wilrijk Full Walk: 03:42:14 FOLLOW green-white information signs and coralpink triangles with QR-codes TAKE ALONG a smartphone and headphones or in-ears


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