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EXHIBITION | Ria Pacquée - Slam, Ramble, Perform (solo exhibition) | 10 JUN. - 19 AUG. 2018

DE WARANDE | Warandestraat 42, 2300 Turnhout (BE) |

10 JUN. - 19 AUG. 2018 |

Ria Pacquée

This summer De Warande presents a major solo exhibition by Ria Pacquée. The oeuvre of this Antwerpian performance art pioneer is characterised by a sharp (photgraphic) eye, political commentary and a dose of humour.

Besides performances she will show photographs, videos and sculptures. Pacquée is far from an obtrusive activist. In an era where women, also in the arts, demanded their rights, she stuck to her own pace in the public space. The streets, the market and the graveyard make up her most important 'rambling terrain'. As a contemporary vagrant, Pacquée approaches the streets as a vibrant set wherein she moves as a discreet observer. Often as a spectator (by means of photography and video), other times as a participant (by means of performances), Pacquée rattles the most elementary questions of our excistence. Frequently she is astounded by the mechanisms steering certain (religious or not) rituals.

This exhibition is an unique opportunity to walk in the footsteps of an artistic wanderer at the crossroads of a cunning street rat and a meticulous pilgrim.

In the context of this exhibition that opens on June 9 at 20:00, publisher Occasional Papers together with Escautville will present the first monograph on her work: Ria Pacquée. Slammm, Ramble, Perform. A Monograph.


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