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PREMIERE | Koen Theys - Another Day in Treaty Town | Sun. 8 DEC. 2019

BOZAR | Terarken Rooms, Ravensteinstraat 23. 1000 Brussels (BE) | Sun. 8 DEC. 2019 | 14:00 - 21:00 |

Another Day in Treaty Town

Escautville is proud to announce the premiere of the most recent film of Koen, Theys Another Day in Treaty Town, which will take place in BOZAR, Brussels.

Another Day in Treaty Town is a contemporary European western. A saloon, a covered wagon, a campfire, a couple turkeys and a wooden grandstand appear in a sun-drenched Flemish landscape. The grandstand is filled with cowboys and indians. Dignitaris from both sides are smoking the peace pipe. They are flanked by men cleaning their guns or sharpening their knifes. In front of the saloon, a couple of women wait for clients. The ceremony continues while night falls ...

Another Day in Treaty Town is part of an ongoing series by Koen Theys that takes a critical look at the phenomen of the uniform as an expression of cultural identity.

Koen Theys (°1963) belongs to a generation of visual artists exploring and appropriating narration in video-art as early as the 1980s. In his photographic, videographic and sculptural work, he deconstructs Western cultural icons by manipulating them via displacement, doubling and/or morphing until they become reversals of themselves.

Director: Koen Theys

Executive Producers: Karolien Chromiak

Decor: Hans Wuyts

Camera: Jorn Plucieniczak, Arno Ringoet, Koen Theys

Technical assistants: Elias Cafmeyer, Rogier de Maker, Jan Willem Reimus, Boris Sommers

Actors / Extra's: members of EL PASO (Wuustwezel)

Montage sound / image: Koen Theys

Setphotography: Elly Strik

Catering: Koriamber

Produced by Escautville

With the support of the Flemish government


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