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DV PAL 4:3



13' 01"


In 'Cantaert Hunter', a figure is depicted running through a cornfield. This figure is split into three, as the work cuts between three films of the woman running while wearing different clothes and hairstyles. In the streams, the corn leaves brush harshly across her face, simultaneously caressing and hitting her. The facial expressions leave the viewer pondering this flight — where from, where to, and for which reasons? Are the women running in the same direction, or towards one another, or away from one another? 

Pacquée: "Running through the cornfield I thought of escaping, fear, disappearing, losing myself, and shelter; of different movies where people escape through the cornfield to reach freedom, and of illegal people hiding there. All of this came to mind when asked to create a new work for a group show in a small village, in Belgium. With the intention of photographing the village, I spent one week there. Seeing the crop fields over and over again, I felt an incredible desire to run through these fields and so I did. First, without my camera, I played the game hide and seek - on my own. To begin with, I walked carefully. Then walking faster, and finally, I started to run as if someone was following me. I lost myself completely.


The next day I took my camera and filmed myself running through the fields, the leaves cut in my face - as if I was being punished. Hearing only my own breathing and the sound of rustling leaves, the feeling of being followed returned, and the emotions that I had at the beginning came back to life.


The film was screened or exhibited at:


  • IFFR, International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL), 2003



  • Produced by Ria Pacquée​

  • Cinematography and Sound Design: Ria Pacquée

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