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This key work, The Single Screen, provides an insight into the series of performances that Joëlle Tuerlinckx and her ‘That's it!’-team brought to the world-renowned museum Dia Beacon (US) between 2015 and 2018, at the invitation of Jessica Morgan (Nathalie de Gunzberg Director, Dia Art Foundation). In a conceptual and humorous way, the artist confronts the experience of time and space in a museum with that of a cinema. On the screen, the space expands, overflows, unfolds its topics, double and multiple.


The Single Screen is an action film, extremely sonorous, filmed by two cameras. It is to be seen as a performative work 'a Lecture on a work' and 'by the artist herself'.

 Starting from an enormous amount of footage, the original version of The Single Screen mixes many hours of live recordings. Halfway between a documentary and a fiction film, of which it uses the codes (music, voice-over added during the editing ...), it reports in the form of extracts the chronology of facts recorded from 2015 to 2018: the 123+1 STUDIES That's it! Dia:Beacon, a series of choreographed moments designed for the works of the Dia Foundation artists (most of them male, white, American), staged and filmed in the Dia Beacon space not far from New york. (THAT'S IT! is the workshop on stage, and That's it! Dia:Beacon is the latest version).


Each new presentation will be an opportunity to reveal one or another of its parts, scenes or sequences. The inaugural screening, of which The Single Screen 2022.05.01 is the world premiere, will start late in the afternoon on Sunday May 1st at Bozar in Brussels (17H30). The session will end with a short performative moment. A bonus at the end of the session will provide an overview of the coming soon versions, previewing important movements such as STUDIES On Kawara, Sol LeWitt, Fred Sandback, Blinky Palermo.


The Single Screen, accompanied by a program for the audience, is an Audio and Visuals Days - Journal de jours movie that can be seen like a piece of music, watched like a novel, read like an opera or followed at home like an episode of a TV show. In a way, The Single Screen is anything but a classic film.


The 1 May version of The Single Screen is a beginning, a slow advance into my own brain (JT, notes on my exhibitions, 1993), the performative work that doesn't cease to begin. (...) The curtain keeps opening, the lights keep coming on, the band never stops playing, the instrument never ceases to be tuned, walkers keep moving forward, viewers are continually watched. The work of art lasts, for a long time, always, like a film shot.(act 7, THAT'S IT! Tate, Veemtheater, Stuk, Kaaitheater 2015)

The film was screened or exhibited at:


  • Kunsthal Gent, La fabrique d'un Single Screen, Ghent (BE), 20 Sep. 2019 - 12 Jan. 2020

  • BOZAR, Brussel (BE), 1 mei 2022

  • Rencontres Internationales, Paris (FR), 4 mei 2022

  • Rencontres Internationales, Berlin (GER), 20 August 2022



  • Produced by Dia:Beacon (Kelly Kivland and Francesca Lo Galbo) and Escautville (Ulrike Lindmayr and Vincent Stroep)

  • With the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) and the S.M.A.K. Ghent.

  • featuring Bieke Criel, Christoph Fink, Raimon Gaffier, Valentijn Goethals, Estelle Labes, Lutèce Mauger, Ine Meganck, Rémi Rupprecht, Juliette Thomas, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Jivan van der Ende, Dia Beacon staff and the people of Beacon (NY, US)

  • Music: Christoph Fink, Valentijn Goethals

  • Cinematography: Raimon Gaffier

  • postproduction: Yves De Mey (sound), Guido Welkenhuyseng (image)

  • Projet de long métrage/performance au musée de la Dia Art Foundation à Beacon (USA) réalisé par l’artiste plasticienne Joëlle Tuerlinckx.


  • Les performeurs intéragissent avec les œuvres de Walter De Maria, Richard Serra, Dan Flavin, Sol Lewitt, etc. La pièce sera jouée en 2018 et est également sujette à la réalisation d’un film.


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