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HD 16:9


Non spoken

9' 39"


In her current work, Lien Hüwels studies the possibilities and boundaries of the mediums photo, video and installations. During the past year, she worked solely in a setting of self-made studios, one white and one black. They are two mobile pieces that refer to a podium/stage or socle/pedestal, they were later used in different exhibitions as installations. In these studios research took place on the possibilities and boundaries of the medium video on the one hand, on the other hand, research on the representation of the female figure.


 In the movie Motion 1 Lien Hüwels starts to challenge the aspects of the video. By adding movement and sound, the basic principals of video are being searched. The camera controlled by a technical device observes a body lying down in a dark space. You can see only parts of the body. Questions about longing, observing, looking and being looked at are rising. A reach less feeling strengthened by the large scale of the video format.


The sound plays the connective role between the image, the viewer and the exhibition space.

The film was screened or exhibited at:


  • TEN SLOTTE, 2016

  • HISK, 2015


  • Produced by Escautville

  • Concept en realisation: Lien Hüwels

  • Camera: Stinus Renders

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