In Spilliaert, filmmaker Lisa Spilliaert inquires into her blood relationship with the renowned Belgian artist Léon Spilliaert (1881-1946).


Is she predestined to an artist’s life by this – whether or not – fictitious kinship? Is artistry passed on genetically? She reveals herself as a rapping, fanatical genealogist who probes into the origins of her artistic identity. Visiting all kinds of archives, she first chalks out the historical figure of Léon Spilliaert and his work. At Ostend’s Centre for Genealogy she attempts to substantiate her claim of kinship with certificates and registers.


Spilliaert’s narrative structure is strung together by a number of rap poems, performed by Lisa Spilliaert herself. By choosing this form, she uncovers parallels and contrasts between rap music’s free identity construction and the strictly regulated structure of genealogy.

The film will be screened or exhibited at:


  • Filmfestival Oostende (BE), January 2023

Credits :

Production: Escautville

Co-produced by: Animal Tank


With the support of:

VAF Flanders Audiovisual Fund, 

Mu.ZEE, Stad Oostende, LUCAbreakout, Brakke Grond, Stad Gent, Jos Jamar Gallery

'Spilliaert' is acquired by the Flemish government and part of the collection of Mu.ZEE (Oostende).