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HD 16:9


English spoken


In One of Us, we behold a seemingly endless human procession of people looming from a misty white void. It's a curious amalgam of characters who have their origins in the three largest religiously-oriented processions of Flanders (Belgium). Unambiguously, they refer to evangelical figures as we know them from old biblical films. Only here, besides dusty robes and occasionally a staff, the men clearly wear false beards and long-haired wigs. The women too - for the most part with a theatrical application of make-up - wear long dresses, often religious garments, and sometimes they are hidden under burqas.


In a chilling and hypnotic way - like in a haunting ritual - these wandering religious fanatics approach us head-on and chant: "We accept you... One of us... We accept you... One of us, one of us... Gooba-gobble, gooba-gobble... One of us ... "


The film was screened or exhibited at:


  • Objectif Exhibitions (BE) Dec.19, 2015

  • Centre for Contemporary Art, Brussels (BE), 2015



  • Produced by Escautville

  • Coproduced by Centrale for Contemporary Art, Brussels; Argos Centre for Art and Media, Brussels

  • With the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)


One of Us, 2015 | excerpt

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