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SCREENING | Benjamin Verhoeven - 50.000 SCANS | 28 - 29 MAR. 2019

ATELIER ARTHUR ROGIERS | Keizer Karelstraat 103, 1000 Brussels (BE) |

28-29 MAR. 2019 | 20:00 |

Benjamin Verhoeven, 50.000 SCANS, 2017

'50.000 SCANS' is part of an on-going project that Verhoeven titled ‘Scanning Cinema’. It explores the physical action of scanning moving images. This video is made entirely out of scans. A self-developed manual scanning process generates the shifts between them. Using a flatbed-scanner and a computer screen, as a newly combined medium, the images are wrapped into one single frame. These scans are then assembled into an animated film.

'50.000 SCANS' focuses on how the choreography of a human body functions in the scanned reality. It explores this scanned dimension and holds it against the historical birth of film and the registration of movement through the medium of photography. Each 'Act' in the film deals with a different variation on both editing-technique as well as camera-movement.

The sound is adapted to the same scan-process as the images.


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