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EXHIBITION | Koen Theys - Burning Tires in the Snow | 9 MAY - 6 JUNE 2021

Art space "76.4" | Bosniëstraat 24, 1060 Brussel|

9 MAY. - 6 JUN. 2021|

Burning Tires in the Snow (De Malcontenten) is an in-situ installation with sculptures inspired by recent images of protests against poverty: the protests of the 'Gilets Jaunes', where police cars were set on fire and all kinds of barricades with street furniture were erected; the protests against poverty through self-immolation that are occurring in the Arab world and India. But also other protests by so-called 'illegals' and 'anonymous'. After the corona crisis, these protests will certainly not diminish.

The showcase of the art space 76.4, at the studio of Michel François in Ixelles, where the sculptures will be presented, will be transformed into a bourgeois display case with show objects. The sculptures are set up in the same way that pompous objects are placed behind a display case in Flanders. However, they portray the deepest bourgeois fears: burning police cars, barricades set on fire, protesters burning themselves, ... etc. All this executed in a refined style such as Baroque or Art Nouveau, covered with gold leaf.


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