SCREENING | Running Around | 10 JAN. - 14 MAR. 2020

ARGOS CENTRE FOR ARTS AND MEDIA | Location: Le Carreau du Temple, 4 rue Eugène Spuller, 75003 Paris (FR) |

10 JAN. - 14 MAR. 2020 |

Ria Pacquée, Running Around, 2015

Ria Pacquée (°1954) drifts through her hometown Antwerp while intermittently encircling various objects and structures she encounters. A run down kiosk, an artificial hill with a playground slide, a battered metal curb, a hexagonal flowerpot, a concrete ping pong table. With her act the artist forces the viewer to closely observe, what would have otherwise been neglected. In tis process a spectre appears in the banal.

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