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Wim Catrysse selected for residency in Ramallah, 2019

Escautville is pleased to announce that Wim Catrysse has been selected for the 'Mamarat' Residency in Ramallah in the context of the exchange and public program Everyday Forms of Resistance.

Everyday Forms of Resistance is an exchange and public program that has come about as a result of the collaboration between AIR Antwerpen; Ujazdowski Castle Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw (U-Jazdowksi); Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP) and the Municipality of Ramallah.

This project offers residencies for six visual artists and centers itself on the question: “Can an artistic intervention translate social tensions into narratives that in turn intervene in the imaginary landscape of a place?” (Francis Alÿs, The Green Line, 2004). It looks at the role of artistic practice and mobility in the specific circumstances of Ramallah and Palestine and does this through the strategy of exchange.

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