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Single-screen video installation
4K 16:9




The Visible Human Project was started in the nineties by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) when digital imaging of the human body became possible in a technical sense. It was the complete anatomical database of a male cadaver that first appeared on the Web, consisting of cross-sectional slices of the body at one-millimetre intervals. Shortly after a female version was published. Later, it became possible to dissect the body in a virtual sense: electronic images could be rotated around several different axes to provide views of the body from different angles.

The Kiss #4 shows a couple in an intimate embrace. Theys puts forward that the advanced technology of our post-modern society visualizes anything that is muffled away beneath skin or hair, and nature as well as romantic feelings are desecrated and perverted.


Furthermore, he foresees that in the third millennium the position of art and its author will be questioned again. Maybe even in so far that the receiver will give a devastating reply to the image that is spread via the Internet by completely overwriting it with another action.



  • Produced by Frank Theys, Hans De Wolf, CAFAM Art Museum & LUCA School of Arts

  • SFX: Frank Theys & Basiel Korsmit

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