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SCREENING | Mohanad Yaqubi - R.21 aka Restoring Solidarity | 15 JUNE - 14:00

DOCUMENTA 15, Cinema Gloria | Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 3 | 34117 Kassel (DE)

WEDNESDAY 15 JUNE 2022| 14:00

The Tokyo Reels Film Festival is organized around the Tokyo Reels, a collection of twenty 16 mm films made by filmmakers from the UK, Italy, Germany, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq and Japan, exposing the internationalist scope of militant filmmaking during the period of 1960—1980.

Viewed as a unique and single collection, the films will be screened as a proposal, a suggestion to contemplate the narrative of the solidarity movement in Japan with Palestine during a transformative political period. There is an array of film styles, formats and languages, ranging from experimental short films, essay films, “traditional” documentaries, and promotional and institutional films for tourism.

The festival opens with the premiere of R.21 aka Restoring Solidarity, a film that inserts itself as the twenty-first reel of the collection, an epilogue of the collection, a gesture of solidarity.

R.21 aka Restoring Solidarity by filmmaker Mohanad Yaqubi will be screened every Wednesday during DOCUMENTA 15, plus on the opening day of the DOCUMENTA 15, Saturday 18 June (15:00).


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