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SCREENING | Te gast: Lisa Spilliaert | De Studio - De Cinema - 14 MAY, 2023

De Studio - De Cinema | Maarschalk Gérardstraat 4 | 2000 Antwerp (BE)

SUNDAY 14 May 2023| 17:15

Following her new film about a possible kinship with Léon Spilliaert, De Cinema takes a retrospective look at Lisa Spilliaert's work.

HOTEL RED SHOES (2013, 15')

N.P (2020, 58')

SPILLIAERT (2022, 26').

HOTEL RED SHOES offers its own interpretation of an old Japanese song about the departure of a young woman wearing red shoes with a man with blue eyes. The two sisters, Clara and Lisa Spilliaert, relate a 'love hotel' in Tokyo to the song and explore the desires that drive them.

In N.P, four people discover during a Japanese summer how one book connects them. All four are fascinated by the autobiography "N.P" (1990) by Sarao Takase, a somewhat mysterious and now deceased author. All four are also connected by their shared personal history with the author or with one of the novel's translators. N.P files their complex web of relationships, exploring how a translation relates to the original, fiction to reality, and how these often interact incestuously.

In SPILLIAERT, the filmmaker explores her connection, existing or otherwise, with painter Léon Spilliaert (1881-1946) and its possible impact on her own fate as an artist. Spilliaert documents this search between archives and museums, connoisseurs and relatives, a process that above all exposes the absurdity of how much is projected onto blood relations.


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