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EVENT | Ten Slotte 3 - a six-day audiovisual program | 20 - 29 DEC. 2018

HET BOS | Ankerrui 5-7, 2000 Antwerp (BE) |

20-23 DEC. 2018 | 27-29 DEC. 2018 |

De Imagerie, Het Bos and Escautville collaborate for a third year in a row to end the year in style. Ten Slotte 3 is a six-day audiovisual program that goes past the traditional boundaries of the rectangular screen. We go past the classic one-way relationship between audience and screen, to discover a wide range of moving images.

Margarita Maximova

Margarita Maximova (º1990, Moscow, Russia) is a belgian-russian artist who got her masters degree in Fine Arts at Sint-Lucas Ghent. Her recent work revolves around ‘digital art’, based on the unending stream of images, opinions, answers and questions that we are exposed to online on a daily basis. Search engines have become an extension of our mind, for every question that pops up, an answer is within our reach, be it of a practical, psychological or emotional nature. A certain online use of language has become something habitual and recognisable. Margarita Maximova’s work responds and plays with this, until it gets turned around into something strange.


Thursday 20 December 19-24h Opening Expo Margarita Maximova 20:30h ‘Kev’ (2018, 47’) - Clémence Hébert Following: Performance Hiele Martens More info & tickets

Friday 21 December 12-24h Expo Margarita Maximova 20:30h 'Incantation, Wendy' - Frances Scott & Chu-Li Shewring More info & tickets

Saturday 22 December 12-24h Expo Margarita Maximova 20:30h ‘644_I hear snores, on the backseat of your mind’ (VR installatie) - Laura Stellacci More info

Sunday 23 December 10-16h Expo Margarita Maximova More info

Thursday 27 December 12-24h Expo Margarita Maximova 20:30h Performance Yutie Lee – ‘Ecstasy’ More info & tickets

Friday 28 December 12-24h Expo Margarita Maximova 20:30h ‘Ccà’ (2017, 72’) - Giancarlo Cutrona More info & tickets

Saturday 29 December 12-24h Expo Margarita Maximova 19:30h Otarkino: ‘Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors’ (1964) - Sergej Paradjanov


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