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EVENT | Wim Catrysse - Outpost + Carlos Klein - WHERE THE CONDORS FLY | Thu. 9 AUG. 2018

VISITE FILMFESTIVAL | Het Bos, Ankerrui 5-7, 2000 Antwerp (BE) |

9 AUG. 2018 | 20:30 |

Visite is a collage of political, experimental and documentary cinema. Twice a year, the collective De Imagerie invites makers to show their work alongside an inspirational film of their choice. By doing so, they set out to introduce local and nearby makers who address worldly themes in their artistic work. The films appear in different forms and vary in length, approach and time period.

The 5th edition we will take you from documentary to Afrofuturism and from video clips to visual arts.

visite film festival 5


Wim Catrysse - Outpost (2018, 34’)

With a shimmering shot of a helicopter landing, we arrive in an isolated Russian community of miners in snowy Barentsburg. Even though mining has become less and less profitable in recent years, Russia is keen to maintain its presence because of the geopolitical and strategic importance of this Arctic archipelago. ‘Outpost’ offers a dark perspective on a community that seems to have arrived at a terminal stage of an industry, en route to total exhaustion.

Wim Catrysse on 'Where the condors fly' (2012, 90') by Carlos Klein:

"The Chilean director Carlos Klein portrays the much-acclaimed Russian director Victor Kossakovsky during the shooting of his documentary 'Vivan las antípodas'. ‘Where the condors fly’ is a film in which Klein - in confrontation with his own creative process- searches for the roots of his passion for film making. It is certainly my fascination for Kossakovsky’s films that brought me to this documentary. Furthermore, it is the conflict with the crisis-element that is not strange to me. To quote Kossakovsky: “Doubts are crucial for making art".

Wim Catrysse, Outpost, 2018


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