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SCREENING | Els Dietvorst - I Watched the White Dogs of the Dawn | Mon. 24 - ZOND. 30 AUG. 2020

online screening, DE CINEMA Antwerpen

I Watched the White Dogs of the Dawn

Fishing communities on the Irish coast are endangered. Kilmore Quay, Duncannon and Slade are small fishing villages on the East coast of Ireland. Since the 16th century these villages were primarily fishing villages. Most fishermen and women are in this job for life, it is their life. The salt water is in their veins mixing with their minds and their temperments. The pressure of a commercial market system and European rules and regulations are coming together to create a discontinuation in this ancient craft. The fishermen are disappearing and with them the generations-old knowledge of patterns of ecology of the sea. As an independent filmmaker, Els Dietvorst has invested knowledge, experience, time, care and dedication to make an honest portrait of this fishing communities. She sets this deeply human individual stories against the backdrop of the wider European political and economic situation. The process of my filmmaking. My rough 'work material' for a new film is always the community and in that community: the human being, the individual with his anecdotes, myths and memories. I always focus on the human condition of the individual. How a person copes with fight, life and death, but also his and her desires, fears and dreams take an important place.

The online screening is organised in the context of Els Dietvrost's exhibition at the MuHKA Antwerp (BE).


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