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SCREENING | Mohanad Yaqubi - R.21 aka Restoring Solidarity | IDFA, NOV 2022

IDFA | International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

11 Nov 17:45 - 19:11

12 Nov 19:15 - 21:02

13 Nov 17:30 - 19:01

19 Nov 12:30 - 13:44

R.21 aka Restoring Solidarity

The growing struggle for Palestinian self-determination between 1960 and 1980 was supported by radical left-wing movements worldwide, also in Japan. This is illustrated by a collection of 16mm films by militant filmmakers from various countries, which were dubbed and screened in Japan. Their Japanese audiences felt oppressed by the US after World War II, and not only sympathized but also identified with the Palestinians.

Stylistically, the films vary widely. They includes interviews with PLO leaders, documentary impressions of life in refugee camps, experimental films, and instructional films for tourism purposes. Mohanad Yaqubi has drawn on this material to create a film that might be seen as a conclusion or epilogue. He shows how two very different peoples can feel connected through images, and also raises questions. Where is the line between support and propaganda? And to what extent can a local struggle be translated internationally?

Director: Mohanad Yaqubi

Production: Sami Said for Idioms Films

Co-production: Vincent Stroep for Escautville

Cinematography: Casey Asprooth-Jackson

Editing: Rami El Nihawi


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